OPEN 7 DAYS 9:30AM - 6 PM

Christmas Tree Recycling Program

Recycle Christmas Tree Pick Up can be ordered at check out when choosing delivery options. 

Schedule a time for us to pick up your tree and recycle it for you. 

Dates for for pick up in January are: 
Saturday 7th 
Sunday 8th
Saturday 14th
Sunday 15th

Christmas trees are being used at numerous beaches to help reconstruct or bolster dune systems. The trees, placed at strategic angles, sometimes behind dune fencing, catch blowing sand and eventually become covered by it, forming the bases of new dune systems.

This year we are part of the Dune-Reconstruction Project of Bradley Beach N.J. Every tree we pick up, will be delivered to the Shore to rebuild the dunes that help protect the shoreline. 



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